Hanging Ladder Pot Rack

I love the tasteful mix of old and new!

This last Christmas, my awesome husband bought me a new set of cookware. The only problem was, I had nowhere to hang it, since you aren’t supposed to store them nestled together.

So I turned to one of my favorite places for inspiration~ Pinterest. Soon I knew what I had to do!

I began searching for an old ladder at all my favorite antique and thrift shops. Knowing I wanted a round-rung ladder weeded out most I found, but soon I spotted this old beauty and saw potential.


I took it home for $38 (my husband was a little incredulous that I would pay that much for such an old piece of junk!) and began by sanding the rough spots and spray painting it white. It looked ok, but not great.

Then I remembered a can of lime green spray paint in my garage. That did the trick. I sprayed on a thin coat of green so that in some places, a little white shows through.


After painting it, I brought it inside and sanded the edges and random places all over for a bit of a distressed look.


Then it lived here for awhile until I decided if I actually did want to hang it or not.


After deciding to hang it, the old ladder pot rack eventually found its way to its permanent home in my kitchen.


To hang it, we placed 2 1×4’s on the ceiling. (Since our studs weren’t in the normal 16 inch spacing, and this baby needed to be sturdy for all the weight that it would be supporting.) I decided to go with rope instead of chain to hang it just because I like the look. We used 4 hook-in-eye bolts to tie the rope and suspend the ladder. I also painted the 1×4’s to match the ceiling. I am looking forward to changing out the ladder decor with the seasons and love the character it adds to my kitchen!





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