Let There Be Light!

Our house came with the classic 1990’s builder-grade light fixtures. Not hideous, but certainly nothing special.

Here is how our front room looked when we moved in.


We began the makeover by painting Kilz primer over the outdated wallpaper.

DSC_3082Since I chose such a bright, happy green for the walls, I thought it would be nice to contrast it with beadboard on the bottom half. We used the line on the old wallpaper as a guide to place the beadboard and chair rail. (I’ll let you in on a little secret– it’s paintable beadboard wallpaper! Sold at Lowes for about $20 a roll!)  I don’t have any pictures of the process though, since a friend actually did it for me.


Since I knew I wanted to change the formal dining room into a music room, I had this ceiling light installed, but it just wasn’t quite right. The globe had a darkening effect, like mood lighting, and it was way too dark.


Then, I found this pretty chandelier at IKEA for $40. I installed it myself. Thus began my DIY journey. “If I can install light fixtures, I can do practically anything!” I thought to myself. (It’s really quite simple though!) 🙂


Here’s how to go out with the old and in with the new:

1. Turn off the power to that particular fixture from your breaker box.

2. Grab a ladder and remove the old fixture by loosening the collar nut and removing the canopy.

3. Pull the wires down from the junction box and turn the plastic wire nuts counterclockwise to remove. These nuts connect the home’s black (or red in older homes) and white wires to the fixture’s black and white wires. Detach any ground wire (usually bare copper).

4. Carefully remove the crossbar and the light fixture to reveal a hole with three wires, then clear your work space of any stray nuts or screws before installing the new fixture.

5. Follow the instructions on your new fixture to install it. Each fixture varies slightly. Voila!



I also changed out the dated fixture in my kitchen. Here is the before and after.



This fixture was sorely lacking in doing its job of illuminating our closet. It was hard to tell if clothes were black, brown, or navy in the previous lighting. So I swapped out the dated florescent unit for an ultra-thrifty track light system, again from IKEA! Gotta love IKEA!




3 thoughts on “Let There Be Light!

  1. I have the exact same Ikea light hanging over my kitchen sink. small world…wait…does that apply to lights? Would “great minds…” be more appropriate? Great blog! Excellent ideas! I’m off to read more posts. Thank you

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