Big Girl Room Part 1 (Paint and Accessories)

How many times have you heard an older person say, “Enjoy these days! They go by so fast!” And you glance down at your little one sleeping in your arms. Looking back at old pictures always makes me remember how little they were.

Here’s Jenna in the NICU soon after she was born (that’s a story in and of itself…)IMG_1270Here she is now!
IMG_8588 This is Josiah when he was a few days old.IMG_4938 And now!IMG_6178From baby to toddler to big kid. Crib to toddler bed to twin bed. As they grow, their room changes with them. This is the story of Jenna’s room.

When we moved in, the room was a blank slate like the rest of the house. The walls were a cream color. IMG_3961In my excitement for each of the kids to have their own room, I hastily chose colors for the walls. Naturally, blue for the boy and pink for the girl. Only the pink that was chosen was (like the lime green elsewhere in the house…) slightly electric. And we only painted one wall. It was fine for awhile. But then I got the itch to repaint. This time, I really did my research.IMG_3965


Here is an old picture of Josiah’s room.

And a more recent one…IMG_2872

A few years ago during a Black Friday shopping trip, I picked up this twin bedding set, I think from JC Penney’s.IMG_2385It was unbelievably cheap and had sweet ruffles and cute patterns. In the throw pillow, there is a sprinkling of a pretty blue. I also love this beautiful little quilt my mother-in-law made for Jenna and I saw the same soft blue.IMG_3869That was my inspiration. I tried the ruffle pillow against blue and also the green wall, as we made sure on the color choice.


IMG_2399In the end, blue won. We decided on Olympic “Fond Farewell”.
Rummaging around in the garage, I found some sparkles (Valspar paint crystals) that I’d forgotten about. What could be more perfect for a big girl room than soft blue walls with sparkles?! I bought one more package of sparkles at Lowes when I picked up the paint.DSC_5048

The pictures really don’t do the sparkles justice. It’s a very subtle glimmer that you have to see in person to really appreciate. 🙂
DSC_5045Here’s the progress…DSC_5047


IMG_2433It’s amazing how the blue instantly softened the tone of the room.
DSC_5050After the pink and cream were covered up, it was time to work on the accessories. I already had most of the things for the walls, but some of them needed painting.IMG_2426Here’s the colors of spray paint I used.DSC_5033I had picture frames, round mirrors, a “J”, a little red ladder, a black shelf, and a name sign that all needed painting. Most I spray painted. The name sign got a coat of white paint with a brush.





Name sign:DSC_5032



DSC_5040Next came the fun part of putting it together. IMG_2639


Next up… part 2… furniture! Stay tuned!IMG_2611


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