Our Outdoor Oasis

Do you ever get inspired? You get a real itch to make something happen. Stat. I recently was feeling this way after reading about Miss Mustard Seed’s antique potting bench and deck redo. Seeing an adorable chippy table with gardening gloves, a shovel, and some pots on a friend’s porch soon after only solidified my need for an outside spruce-up of our deck.

We are blessed to have a nice sized deck, but it’s rarely used because it’s just not inviting. You know, the kind of place where you are drawn to sit, relax, and drink an Arnold Palmer? A place where you can notice the beauty all around you, and sit and soak it in for awhile? Our deck was not this. In fact, it was quite the opposite of inviting. IMG_6123 IMG_6124

This makeover is made up of… wait for it… not one, but three side-of-the-road finds! That’s right. The first find was this “perfectly good” rocking chair. You can probably guess why it caught my eye. 😉 (It’s green!) The rocker sled on the one side is rotted part way off, but I propped it on a piece of wood, and it works just fine. IMG_2438

I scored the umbrella a few months ago. (There were actually two that I brought home, but one broke during a storm since it didn’t have a proper umbrella stand.) Kinda a funny story behind the umbrellas. When I spotted them sticking out of someone’s trash can and did the slam-on-the-brakes-find-the-nearest-place-to-turn-around move, there was a guy in a red pickup coming the opposite direction. He had his blinker on and was turning into the same driveway. I motioned him to go first since I thought either he was coming to do some work at the house, or he lived there. He motioned back for me to go. I reluctantly pulled in and sheepishly snagged the two umbrellas. As I pulled out, I watched him turn in and start to sort through the trash piled there. “Another treasure hunter!” I told the kids. “Nice that he let us pick what we wanted first!”


The third score were the green patio chairs. They were old, dated, and faded, but I saw potential. Plus, they were free! The kids and I stuffed them into the back of our car one day on our way home from the gym. IMG_6113That brings us to the deck. As I swept off the leaves and dirt, the kids pounded in all the nails that were sticking up enough to poke your foot if you stepped on them. IMG_6131We moved our new little potting bench into place. I found it for $30 at an estate sale down the road.
IMG_6128And I began decorating it. I had some ideas of what I wanted, but it came as I went. If you remember my “peculiar treasure”, then you’ll recognize the wood sign I painted for the potting bench. The casket had rotted out and fallen apart, so it was time for a repurposing. Another new life.IMG_1975DSC_5358

I found a few small plants for $1 each in the clearance section at Lowes and planted them in various containers to add some life and color. (I’ll obviously move these inside during the wintertime.)

Sunday afternoon was spent at a favorite antique mall where I picked up the coca cola box. I’m still deciding on a practical use for it, but I like the way it looks.DSC_5364


Next, I spray painted the lovely green chairs and bought new cushions for them. (No easy task, I’ll say… locating outdoor cushions this time of year was a challenge!)IMG_6122IMG_6732

Hard to believe those are the same chairs, huh? 🙂

So here’s the final reveal of our own outdoor oasis. (We ate dinner out there tonight! So nice!)DSC_5337 DSC_5338 DSC_5343 DSC_5354

Even though I’m incredibly happy with how the makeover turned out, it wasn’t without a mishap. Oops.IMG_6173As I was trying to remove the umbrella from its stand, I accidentally broke the table… yeah. Super bummer. So Josiah helped me put together the new one. Even though we accidentally left the stickers underneath the glass… I told him it would be a good memory of us building it together. 🙂

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