Big Girl Room Part 2 (Furniture)

Hello! It’s been awhile! This part 2 is only a year and a few months in coming… my big girl is even bigger now, and she’s welcomed a baby sister since I last wrote! 🙂

This is baby Joy. She was born January 9th. Complete perfection.08-dsc02851

So now two girls will be sharing the room. 🙂 I even snagged a matching bed off Craigslist for $100 delivered to our door! It is stored in our basement until Joy is big enough to need it.

Did you ever watch “White Christmas”? It’s the ultimate fun sister movie! My sister and I used to watch it every year at Christmastime. (Along with “Little Women”… another classic!) There is a song the “White Christmas” sisters perform… “Sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters… Caring, sharing… every little thing that we are wearing…” My sister and I used to belt out that song together and act out the parts. It is so much fun to have a sister to grow up with! Anyway… back to our makeover.

All the furniture in our big girl room was given to us and now it’s being enjoyed by another generation of girls.

Jenna was excited to help me take the handles off the drawers. She thought it was pretty grown-up to use my mommy drill.  IMG_8049

After the handles were removed, we painted them pink.IMG_8051IMG_8055

Some of you will cringe at this, but for the dresser, I used spray paint… I think it was a combination of feeling lazy and not having enough white paint on hand.IMG_8053IMG_8054

The drawers also got a coat of white.IMG_8050IMG_8052

For the bedside table, I used a roller and did it right. 🙂IMG_2379IMG_2495IMG_2538

Next up was the spindly four-poster bed. It looked rough, but had great bones for an adorable outcome. IMG_7973

I rolled and brushed on a couple layers of paint and watched the transformation. IMG_7975

After it dried, we carried it upstairs and got ready to assemble it. Can you tell Jenna is excited about her new big girl bed? 😉IMG_7986

Unfortunately the frame I bought off Craigslist wasn’t the exact kind we needed, so I had to make it work. The “art of making do” we call it around our place. “Making do” typically employs the use of duct tape, super glue or baling twine. This time though, I used some old hardware I had lying around the garage and it worked great!IMG_7987

I will insert here that I am no professional DIYer. (Chip and Joanna would probably  definitely fire me!) 🙂

Some DIYers would return the frame and get the correct one. Some might go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy new hardware to install the frame. Not me. Although I’m not a professional DIYer, I’m a professional at using what I have to make things work. And almost always, it works! IMG_7992

Drumroll, please…. heeeere’s the fiiiiiiinished big girl room!!IMG_8291

A couple before and afters, ‘cuz who doesn’t love before and afters? (Please excuse the messy before…little girl’s rooms aren’t always perfect, are they?) 🙂DSC_4770img_8290IMG_3965IMG_8046