A Little Bit of History

The last couple times I’ve visited my childhood home, I”ve been fascinated by all the treasures there. Growing up surrounded by history, I never even realized that so much of the “junk” in the barn, the shop, the garage were treasures! Now, my sister and I go “treasure hunting” whenever we visit. During one trip, I discovered boxes of old books, letters, and ticket stubs in the barn. My parents were high school sweethearts and my dad was a bit of a sentimental packrat and saved every scrap of paper with a memory attached. I collected many of these artifacts that are now a precious part of my heritage (since my dad went to Heaven eight years ago) and brought them home with me. So, thanks to him, I have a bit of history tucked away for safe keeping.

I suppose there are many different ways to display paper treasures, but I thought it would be fun to try my hand at mod podge.

We had one of those flimsy particle board side tables you can buy at Wal Mart for $10 in our music room. It lived with a round white tablecloth over it that had seen better days, thanks to Milo, the playful cat.IMG_8927DSC_4800The flimsy table was a good candidate for my first mod podge project. If I messed it up, oh well. So I hauled it to the garage and gave it a coat of antique white paint. After it dried, I rubbed on a little Zar stain with a rag.


Instead of using the original letters, I made copies. Also, some were written on blue or pink paper and I wanted all black and white. I also made copies of some of my favorite sheet music. Using brewed coffee and a sponge brush, I brushed each copy with coffee, then baked it in the oven at 170 for a few minutes to dry. This gave each piece a vintage look. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of this process.

Next, on a cookie sheet, I mixed the mod podge with a little water (enough to be able to soak it up with the sponge brush) and began painting each piece. Mod podge is incredibly sticky and when it dries, you end up with a film on your hands. But it is really cool stuff! After I had arranged and placed each piece down on the tabletop, I painted the corners with more mod podge and smoothed them down with the sponge brush. Some of the papers were hanging off the edge, so I trimmed those flush with the edge of the table.

This is the table when it was still wet. You can see how it lightened when it dried.


If you have an old table (or dresser or trunk or whatever!) that needs to go from drab to fab, this is a fun way to add a little character to the piece.DSC_5030DSC_5029


Bedroom Furniture Update

When Jonathan and I got married, we were like most newlyweds and had very little in the way of furniture. We were finishing up college and living in a little apartment.
We were so blessed though. My aunt and uncle were just getting some new furniture and offered us their old dining room table and chairs, china hutch, and 2 coffee tables. Some other friends gave us a loveseat, oversized chair, and couch. Most all of which we still have to this day! (More to come on these makeovers later) 🙂
One day as I was doing laundry in our community laundry room, a paper pinned to the bulletin board caught my eye. Someone was getting rid of a dresser and 2 bedside tables for FREE! I hastily scribbled down the number and called as soon as I was back at our apartment.
We lived with these for years. Until I realized I could actually paint them! And like them! The thought must have never crossed my mind. (I apologize about the before picture… I purposely cropped them out of most pictures I took of our bedroom because I disliked them so much!)



Another piece of furniture that we keep in our bedroom is a cedar chest my grandma gave me when I was a teenager. I was excited to someday have it in my home to store keepsakes, but it was also oak-colored and needed an update along with the dresser and side tables.




Chest redo

First I removed all the hardware and spray painted it glossy black. Then I removed everything from the drawers and took them out. I used a roller and brush to apply two coats of paint- an antique white with primer. After letting it dry overnight, I strategically and lightly sanded the corners and fronts of the legs then applied a dark stain with a rag all over the surface, wiping and smudging as I went. (You really can’t mess it up.) I did the same to the mirror.


Dresser Redo

I love the result and wish I would’ve taken on the challenge years ago! 🙂





I found this dresser on Craigslist for $20 soon after we moved into our house and painted it to match. It is amazing how all the cheap/free furniture now looks like a matching set!




Hanging Ladder Pot Rack

I love the tasteful mix of old and new!

This last Christmas, my awesome husband bought me a new set of cookware. The only problem was, I had nowhere to hang it, since you aren’t supposed to store them nestled together.

So I turned to one of my favorite places for inspiration~ Pinterest. Soon I knew what I had to do!

I began searching for an old ladder at all my favorite antique and thrift shops. Knowing I wanted a round-rung ladder weeded out most I found, but soon I spotted this old beauty and saw potential.


I took it home for $38 (my husband was a little incredulous that I would pay that much for such an old piece of junk!) and began by sanding the rough spots and spray painting it white. It looked ok, but not great.

Then I remembered a can of lime green spray paint in my garage. That did the trick. I sprayed on a thin coat of green so that in some places, a little white shows through.


After painting it, I brought it inside and sanded the edges and random places all over for a bit of a distressed look.


Then it lived here for awhile until I decided if I actually did want to hang it or not.


After deciding to hang it, the old ladder pot rack eventually found its way to its permanent home in my kitchen.


To hang it, we placed 2 1×4’s on the ceiling. (Since our studs weren’t in the normal 16 inch spacing, and this baby needed to be sturdy for all the weight that it would be supporting.) I decided to go with rope instead of chain to hang it just because I like the look. We used 4 hook-in-eye bolts to tie the rope and suspend the ladder. I also painted the 1×4’s to match the ceiling. I am looking forward to changing out the ladder decor with the seasons and love the character it adds to my kitchen!