$14 Rain Gutter Shelves

When we moved from the rental to our house, I really wanted to display all the pictures I had in the playroom at the rental.DSCN1088

The pictures were mostly ranch/farm related of me and my husband as children and also of our kids. But where in the world could I put them all? I found some inspiration on Pinterest. Several people had used rain gutters as bookshelves. Why not use them to display pictures?


In the new playroom, there was a big empty wall. Perfect for two of these 10-foot-long vinyl rain gutters from Lowes. I didn’t even have to cut them!


I started by trying to insert the screws straight through the vinyl. That didn’t work, so I drilled small pilot holes every few inches along the gutter. There might be a more scientific way to do this, but it worked. Remember my aversion to measuring? So I figured out where the first stud was, then put plenty of screws all the way along the length of the gutter. I think I ended up with about 4 or 5 screws going into a stud.

DSC_4806 DSC_4814

It was quite the project to do all by myself, trying to juggle the 10-foot-long gutter and keep it straight on the wall. I actually called my sister on FaceTime and taped my phone to the opposite wall so she could tell me if it was straight as I went! 🙂 If you had an extra set of hands for this project, that would certainly be helpful!

I am very happy with the finished product though! For $14, there is plenty of space to display all our treasured photographs!

DSC_4788 DSC_4784IMG_2453