Sometimes it’s challenging to work around what you have when it isn’t something you’d choose. This was our bedroom in one of our rentals. Our whole bedroom was “blah” to say the least.


When I finally got to pick the colors for our bedroom, I began to explore the idea of a headboard also. My inspiration came from this. I liked the simplicity of it. It was cheap and something I could do myself!

After purchasing the lumber, I tried to stain it. But after about 3 coats, it still wasn’t the color I wanted. (The board on the left is the original lumber. The one on the right is after 3 coats…) Note to self: *Not all stains are created equal.


Here are all four boards. 
IMG_2645So I scrapped the stain idea and instead painted the boards black. Would I do it the same way again? Maybe. Had I known about Zar stain back then though, I may have gotten the color I wanted with only 1-2 applications. Here’s a more recent project (more on that later) that I applied 1 coat of Zar and got this rich, pretty color. Did I mention Zar stain is the best?

DSC_4412Mounting the headboard was a 2 person job. My husband helped me be sure the boards were level while we screwed a screw into each end of each board. After we mounted our new headboard, I painted the screw heads black so they weren’t so obvious.

DSC_4975 DSC_4978 DSC_4980 DSC_4981

$14 Rain Gutter Shelves

When we moved from the rental to our house, I really wanted to display all the pictures I had in the playroom at the rental.DSCN1088

The pictures were mostly ranch/farm related of me and my husband as children and also of our kids. But where in the world could I put them all? I found some inspiration on Pinterest. Several people had used rain gutters as bookshelves. Why not use them to display pictures?


In the new playroom, there was a big empty wall. Perfect for two of these 10-foot-long vinyl rain gutters from Lowes. I didn’t even have to cut them!


I started by trying to insert the screws straight through the vinyl. That didn’t work, so I drilled small pilot holes every few inches along the gutter. There might be a more scientific way to do this, but it worked. Remember my aversion to measuring? So I figured out where the first stud was, then put plenty of screws all the way along the length of the gutter. I think I ended up with about 4 or 5 screws going into a stud.

DSC_4806 DSC_4814

It was quite the project to do all by myself, trying to juggle the 10-foot-long gutter and keep it straight on the wall. I actually called my sister on FaceTime and taped my phone to the opposite wall so she could tell me if it was straight as I went! 🙂 If you had an extra set of hands for this project, that would certainly be helpful!

I am very happy with the finished product though! For $14, there is plenty of space to display all our treasured photographs!

DSC_4788 DSC_4784IMG_2453