What do you do when it looks like this outside? Some people may get cozy on the couch and have a movie marathon. Others might curl up by the fire with a good book.




We did a little of this:


And when it warmed up enough to go outside:


Then I decided I needed a project. I had seen some airstone inspiration on Pinterest and already knew I wanted to cover my drab island in the kitchen with it. What could be better than faux stone that looks and feels like real stone, but is 75% lighter and much easier to work with?

This is where I was planning to put the airstone. I apologize about the quality. (I think my five-year-old may have taken a couple of these):





“It’s easy!” everyone said. All you need is a hacksaw to cut it and it goes on like nothing! I was excited! I went to Lowes and bought a couple boxes of the 8 square feet autumn mountain ledge stone and one tube of outdoor adhesive. If you are adhering airstone to wood, you should use the exterior adhesive.

(One little quirk about this DIYer is that I hate measuring… I don’t know if it’s my aversion to math as a whole- thanks to my dry high school math teacher- or just a tiny bit of rebellion, but nevertheless, I really despise measuring. Therefore, I estimate. I do get my tape measure out and attempt a rough estimate. Sometimes my estimations are close, very close. Other times, not so much.) But I figured 2 boxes of 8 square feet would get me more than started. (I ended up needing one more box…)

I began from the floor up and did one panel at a time. I decided to leave the wood seams showing since it would be much easier to do rather than try to cut a ridge in the airstone to fit over it.


It was fun putting the pieces together like a puzzle. I tried to alternate the 3 colors, mixing and stacking them to look like real stone. I placed a pretty good amount of the adhesive on the backside of each one and just pressed it to the wall. Since my house isn’t perfectly plumb, I ended up using little folded pieces of cardboard to prop certain stones until they dried to ensure they stayed straight and didn’t sag.


Cutting them with the hacksaw gave me a real workout, but the pieces ended up fitting together quite nicely.



One note about the adhesive- try not to get it on your floor! There are a few spots on my white linoleum that look like dirt and stay even after I mop. :/ Oops!


I also decided to do the end of my built-in desk and one end of the cupboard to keep continuity throughout my kitchen. This turned out to be about a week-long project since I worked on it a couple hours each evening, mostly after the kids were in bed.




So here is the before and after:

IMG_8384    IMG_8902