Mudroom Makeover

On a farm, a mudroom is essential. It’s where you take off your muddy boots and hang up your coat after you’ve done the chores. Honestly, most of the muddy things get left in the garage at our house, but the mudroom is the next place you step into. And when you’re not muddy, it’s nice to have a place to hang your coat and leave your shoes.

The mudroom walls started out off-white, just like the rest of the house. And when the painter asked me if I would like it painted, I said, “nah”, with a wave of my arm. (Silly me.) I thought it would give some dimension. Instead it looked like we forgot to paint the mudroom.

IMG_9883Years ago, I picked up this cute little bench at a garage sale for $10. It had caught my eye (since it was green and had cute hearts on the sides), but I decided after bringing it home that I wanted it blue. It fits perfectly in the space between the garage door and laundry room door and serves as a space for my husband’s shoes (which, quite honestly, are too big to fit in the closet neatly)! 🙂
IMG_9882 Several months after we moved in, I couldn’t take the “unfinished” look anymore and decided to paint the mudroom.
IMG_9881This was one of those afternoon projects that I’d been procrastinating starting. Once I saw the color on the wall, it was so gratifying to just get it done! (So just start!) 🙂

IMG_9887IMG_9886After the walls were done (in Olympic “Royal Palm”), my blue bench no longer worked. It clashed like maroon damask and aqua polka dots. So I painted it white. (Spray paint with a satin finish.) Ah… much better! And I just love this sign that I picked up at Hobby Lobby-  it covers the alarm box perfectly.DSC_5281

May I introduce you to Greta? She’s my black angus cow. My brother-in-law is a welder and made her.

Here’s the wall before Greta.

DSC_3277Here’s the wall after Greta. I love looking over there and seeing her when I’m in the kitchen. She’s a happy cow.DSC_5283

Just a few hours of work, and our mudroom is stylish and welcoming. IMG_9881DSC_4714IMG_9883DSC_5267

One thought on “Mudroom Makeover

  1. Ahhh. So much better. Amazing how well the “It Is Well” sign matches the paint. And I love how those colored walls make the white trim and accents really pop. 🙂 Might have to rethink my white walls, cabinets, trim, just-paint-everything-white theory someday… 😉


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