Easy Wall Hangings and Throw Pillows

Have you ever been baffled about what to hang on your wall? I have. Out of all the things we’ve collected over the years, things to hang on the wall haven’t been one of them. But I figured I could make something pretty easily.

After doing some research, I learned that canvas or even cardboard could be used as a backing. Then I discovered these ultra-cheap foam insulation panels (they’re about $12 for a pack of 6). What a great idea! They are super light and easy to cut with a box cutter. They are also huge, so if you want a large wall hanging, this would be a cheap way to achieve that.


Here’s a picture for size perspective. DSC_4996

You can choose whatever material you like to cover them. After you cut the foam to the size you want, cut the fabric slightly larger than the foam so you have some to fold over the back. I used the glue gun to hold it in place. Here’s the fabric I chose.

I cut two rectangular pieces of foam and one square piece for the center. You could do them all the same, all different, whatever you like.

DSC_5003 DSC_5001Using a stencil and some of my “sample” paint from Lowes, I made the center hanging. It’s not perfect, but I think that’s the beauty of a DIY project. It’s your work, your time, your effort, your creativity. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


I also decided to make some “new” throw pillows to go with the wall hangings.

It doesn’t matter what the pillows look like because you’re going to cover them. I had a couple old, ratty rusty-red throw pillows in storage so I dug those out. I covered them with the same fabric I used for the wall hangings. The strip of burlap, lace, letters, and buttons just appealed to me at the moment so I threw those on too. 🙂 You can be creative! These pillows aren’t “permanent”, so if you wanted to change them out later, you could. (As you can see, the letters fell off at some point and I unknowingly switched them… I also switched out the square pillow for a little rectangular one when I re-glued them.) It’s really up to you how sturdy you want to make them. I actually pinned the backs originally, then found that it was rather unhandy to be poked in the hand whenever you tried to fluff or move them. So I used the glue gun the second time around. (DIY-ing is really all about trial and error! You learn as you go!) 😉


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