Hutch Makeover

This hutch was given to us soon after we were married. It matched our kitchen table and chairs, but wasn’t particularly my style. For six years, I just kind of ignored it. It was a wonderful place to house all my knickknacks and that’s the only job description it had. It wasn’t there to look pretty or add charm to our house.
When it was given to us, it had chicken wire on the side glass panels. I removed it almost immediately. But other than that, I never really considered the possibility of painting it. Then it hit me. I’d always wanted a black kitchen table, and if my table was going to be black, then the hutch would have to be black too.
Before I painted it, I removed the dated pulls and replaced them with darker, more modern ones.
Then I tackled my most challenging DIY furniture painting project thus far. I used black satin paint with primer. First I removed all the glass that I could and took the top half off. I maybe should have sanded it, but I didn’t.
This project was quite time-consuming, since I painted all the shelving racks by hand and had to practically climb inside to reach all the corners and undersides. I used a roller on most of the bottom half, just touching up hard-to-reach areas with a brush.
I love how it transformed the look of the hutch from dated and old to modern and chic!
Hutch Redo


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