Barn Door Doggie Gate

Growing up on the ranch, barn doors were a part of my everyday existence. I fed and walked my 4-H pigs twice daily, so opening and closing the barn door was life.

IMG_1016 That’s why when I decided we needed a more permanent doggie gate in the house, (we were using a baby gate) I started searching for the perfect barn door to convert. The baby gate was a hassle to put up and down, plus Callie, our border collie, just hopped right over it. Only Baby, the golden retriever, thought it was unscalable. This time of year, especially with all the spring mud, it is really nice to have a place to keep the dogs after they’ve come in from doing their business outside. Not lovin’ the big muddy doggie footprints across my light colored carpet! 🙂


I found the barn door at the Peddler’s Mall, one of my favorite antique/junk stores. It still had cow manure and horse hair on it when I brought it home! It must have come straight from the barn! So I took it outside and gave it a good scrubbing with dawn soap and a big brush.
IMG_9831IMG_9975 IMG_9827 I ended up buying new hinges for it since the existing ones were all rusted and bent. In the process of removing the old hinges, the door split down one side, so I had to gorilla glue it, fill it with stainable wood filler and stain the crack. I also painted the handle black.

I used two 15 inch long boards (free wood from someone who took apart their swing set) to mount the hinges on since it is so heavy. I wanted to make sure it had a good sturdy place to hang. I painted the anchors to match the wall.
IMG_0217 IMG_0220 IMG_0225


I also added a hook and eye latch to keep it flush with the wall. Otherwise it tends to swing closed on its own.


Now both muddy-pawed doggies can be contained in a stylish way. I love the finished product… and I completed the whole project myself from start to finish!
DSC_4419 DSC_4426 DSC_4428


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